A wide variety of metals and minerals within easy reach

Did you know? One fifth of Canada’s mining output comes from Québec. The resources exploited there are the most diverse in Canada: 15 metals and 13 minerals are produced and upgraded there, including lithium, rare earths and apatite.


In 2016, minerals extracted in Québec came from 27 active mines and close to 530 surface mining sites (Institut de la statistique du Québec).The value of mineral shipments reached $8.11 billion, a 7.8% increase over 2015. The main metals mined are, in decreasing order of shipment value, gold, iron, nickel, titanium, niobium, copper and zinc.


In addition:


  • Québec is one of the rare producers of niobium, titanium dioxide, cobalt and platinum in the world.
  • The province is also Canada’s biggest producer of iron concentrate and zinc and its second-largest producer of gold.
  • Its subsurface also contains a huge potential of such substances as graphite, lithium, diamond, rare earths and tantalum.


In addition to its huge mineral potential, Québec is highly attractive for resource exploration and exploitation, and its business environment is very favourable to mining investments

The Plan Nord project: Gateway to a new world

Launched in 2011, the PlanNord is a vast project that opens up an incredibly resource-rich territory extending over 1.2 million km². The goal is to ensure sustainable, integrated development of the region’s economic potential—particularly its mineral resources—all with the greatest respect for First Nations and local communities.

Did you know?


  • Mining investments increased by 18.7% ($3.05 billon) in Québec in 2017. This strong recovery, which began in 2016, should continue in 2018 with an estimated growth rate of 17.2%. (Source: Institut de la statistique du Québec)
  • Québec holds sixth place in the Fraser Institute’s 2017 rankings of the world’s most attractive jurisdictions for mining investments.
  • Mineral exploration rights have been assigned on only 5% of Québec's vast territory.
  • In Québec, the combined tax rate for corporations is 26.6% in 2019, one of the lowest in North America. A minimum income tax calculated on the basis of the quantity of ore extracted or the mining company’s annual profit is also levied.
  • Québec offers a number of competitive tax incentives created specifically for mineral producers. Taken together, Québec's refundable tax credits, deductions and allowances make for a very friendly business climate.

Why choose Québec?