A diversified, skilled workforce

Companies operating in Québec hire their employees from a pool of talented, creative and qualified workers, supplemented by specialists from the four corners of the world. Combine that outstanding workforce with significant government support, and Québec is an obvious choice for businesses in the multimedia industry.


Photo of an employee at the Moment Factory studio, courtesy of Moment Factory

  • Every year, some 6,500 students graduate in computer science and multimedia-related fields.
  • Québec universities offer 25 relevant bachelor’s programs, in four general fields: interactive digital content, engineering, computer science and the sciences.
  • Technical institutions offer over 275 ICT program combinations.


Joining forces to innovate and push the envelope

Screenshot of Dig Rush gamesThe success and excellence of multimedia companies is unequivocal. But when they join forces to develop partnerships, they push the limits of innovation even further! A case in point: researchers at McGill University, in collaboration with Ubisoft and Amblyotech, have designed a video game to help people suffering from amblyopia. This vision impairment, caused by a weakness in one or both eyes, prevents those affected from seeing in three dimensions. Treatments available until now had not produced satisfactory results for children and simply had not worked for adults. But with this video game, both adults and children can correct this vision problem once and for all, in a matter of weeks! This made-in-Québec innovation will enable thousands of people to regain their normal vision.

Specialized training in multimedia 

In addition to its universities and CEGEPs, Québec also boasts three private training centres which have earned a worldwide reputation for the quality of their courses:

École NAD Open a new windowwas the first institution in the world to teach Softimage software and is one of the few authorized training centres for SOFTIMAGE. It is also an authorized training centre for Autodesk animation and effects.


École NAD also offers a bachelor’s program in 3D animation and digital design and since 2013 has welcomed students doing a master’s program in art, with a focus on 3D animation and digital design.

Founded in 1996, INIS Open a new windowis a professional training centre that offers programs for the film, television and interactive media communities. The institute uses a hands-on teaching approach that emphasizes teamwork, with a special focus on understanding professional realities and developing creativity.

In October 2011, Cégep de Matane inaugurated its Digital Imagery Research and Development Centre Open a new window(CDRIN), an unprecedented collaboration involving Ubisoft, Cirque du Soleil and a dozen other key industry partners. The Centre’s objective is to create a hub for advanced motion capture and digital imagery technologies in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region.

Autodesk, Montréal’s 3D expert

If Montréal’s 2D and 3D animation expertise is renowned worldwide, it is largely because of Autodesk Open a new window. The company, which acquired Discreet Logic in 1999 and Softimage in 2008, designs essential 2D and 3D technologies for the digital-game and film-effects industries. Moreover, in the 2016 Oscars, the directors of all five film nominees in the Best Visual Effects category used Autodesk software! Proud of its origins, Autodesk naturally decided to keep this cutting-edge expertise at its centre of excellence in Montréal.


Why choose Québec?