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Developing the province's mineral potential has always been key for the Québec government. In 2009, to boost mining investment and ensure maximum benefits for Québec, the government adopted a provincial mineral strategy, working closely with local and Indigenous communities.

A transparent mining system

The procedure for obtaining mining rights is simple and efficient. A claim can be acquired by map designation online, or by staking in the field. Rights are valid for two years and can be renewed indefinitely, provided the renewal conditions are met.


The Québec mining system is built around three guiding principles:


  • Open access to resources is ensured on the largest possible portion of the territory.
  • Mineral rights are granted on a first-come, first-served basis: the first investor to file an application that complies with the requirements is granted exclusive search rights on the land covered by the claim.
  • If a discovery is made, the titleholder can be reasonably sure of obtaining the right to develop the resource.

In 2013, Québec amended its Mining Act to clarify the regulatory framework for international investors. To ensure greater transparency, provisions on processing, environmental protection and dialogue with local communities were added to the Act.


As a result of these changes, companies must henceforth submit a scoping and market study regarding ore processing in Québec before they can obtain a mining lease.

A constructive relationship with First Nations


Photo of a Indigenous miner, courtesy of MineallianceProtecting all the people who live within our territory has long been a priority in Québec. Mineral development proceeds with the invaluable collaboration of members of the First Nations, with whom Québec maintains cordial relations, and who are showing an increasing interest in participating in mining projects. 


A secure investment climate

Canada is known for its political stability, transparent institutions, sound financial system and robust economy.


In 2015, Canada ranked first on the Behre Dolbear list of the best countries for mining investment, ahead of Australia and the United States.


For its part, Québec holds sixth place in the Fraser Institute’s 2017 rankings of the world’s most attractive jurisdictions for mining investments.

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