RSS Feeds

Subscribing to RSS feeds

Web feeds enable you to view all the Web content that interests you in a single location, without having to navigate from site to site.


To take advantage of RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") feeds, sign up for one or more Web feeds of interest and read them using an RSS reader, also called an "aggregator."

Investissement Québec's RSS feed

To subscribe to an RSS feed, you generally copy the address of the feed that interests you and paste it into your aggregator. However, the subscription method can vary for different RSS readers.


Learn more about how RSS feeds work


There are several types of RSS readers. You can:


  • install software on your computer that aggregates news from several RSS feeds;
  • use a Web browser to read the RSS feeds that interest you.
  • subscribe to a Web-based service (such as My Yahoo or Netvibes) accessed with a user account;


Doing a little research on Internet is all it takes to find the solution that's best for you, depending on your needs and operating system.



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