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Optics-photonics: Expertise and innovation

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The presence of global optics-photonics leaders gives Québec a comman­ding presence in markets related to photonics applications, including analytical instrumentation, tests and measurements, imaging, and high-performance vision, optical communications and fibre-optic systems. Notable examples include ABB Open a new window, Creaform3D Open a new window, EXFO Open a new window, MPB Communications Open a new windowand TeraXion Open a new window.


For the last 50 years, Québec has been a hub of optics-photonics expertise built on knowledge and innovation, offering businesses a wealth of resources and advantages:


  • world-class research centres that drive industry developments and serve as partners in new technologies;
  • a variety of companies active in global markets;
  • a qualified, available workforce.

Research centres with a vision!

Institut national d’optique (INO)

INO Open a new windowis a world-class institution specializing in applied optics and photonics and the largest centre for industrial optics-photonics expertise in Canada. It has been serving businesses for over 20 years.


Centre d’optique, photonique et laser (COPL), Université Laval

COPL Open a new window, Canada’s biggest university research centre in optics-photonics, specializes in guided-wave optics and fibre optics, lasers and short pulses, optical communications, biopho­tonics, optical engineering and photonic materials. In its role as a research incubator, COPL is ideally positioned to attract some of the world’s top researchers, and does so success­fully year after year.


Bright prospects for Québec’s optics-photonics industry

Québec’s optics-photonics industry is very active. To accelerate its growth still further, the Québec Photonic Network Open a new window(QPN), an association representing stakeholders active in the sector, works to promote the industry.


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