Why Québec?

A solid, dynamic business environment

Photo of businesspeople engaged in discussion

Québec is known for its diversified economy, its strategic location, its abundant natural resources, its numerous free-trade agreements, its booming exports and its capacity for innovation, especially in high-tech and cutting-edge industries like  aerospace.


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Innovations and commercial success stories

Photo of a Ubisoft Montréal video game programmer. Courtesy of Ubisoft Montréal

It’s well known that Québec is a hotbed of creativity and innovation. This is where many important medications were discovered and a host of innovative solutions in aerospace, robotics and high-tech were developed. Did you know that enticing tax credits are available to companies that choose to set up in Québec?


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A competitive workforce

Photo of a scientist working in a laboratory

From art and design to science and high tech, Québec workers are recognized for their diversity and the remarkable creativity they show in every area of endeavour. They have also earned a reputation for their expertise and
in-depth knowledge.


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Clean, reliable and renewable energy

Photo of the Manic 5 hydroelectric dam on the Manicouagan River

Here, there’s plenty of energy for everyone! Not only is Québec North America’s top producer of hydroelectricity, but its power grid is one of the most reliable and self-supporting systems in the world, designed to meet some of the globe’s highest standards.


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Modern transportation infrastructure

Photo of the Port of Montréal’s transportation infrastructure

Thanks to a highly developed and ultra-efficient intermodal transportation system, moving people, shipping goods and creating commercial links are fast and easy. Whether it’s by road, sea, rail or air, Québec provides unique access to close to 1.5 billion consumers!


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A favourable tax climate

Photo of a calculator

Did you know that Québec has one of the lowest tax rates in the world? Québec has also implemented a number of investment incentives to encourage businesses here.


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Competitive operating

Photo of workers in an office

Investing in Québec is profitable for everyone. Compared to the figures for G7 countries, labour is more available, energy costs are among the lowest, rental costs are very affordable, and the tax rate is highly competitive.


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Why choose Québec?