Information and communication technologies

Québec: An ICT leader

In Québec, 210,000 people work in information and communication technologies (ICT). Nearly half of them are employed by ICT-centred businesses in such fields as software development, microelectronics, multimedia, optics-photonics, consulting services, telecommunications, cloud computing services and artificial intelligence. As a major player in North America’s ICT industry and a neighbour to the United States, Québec has access to an enormous market with close to 500 million consumers.


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Where innovation and creativity come together

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Québec has earned a reputation for its innovative flair and hugely creative workforce. It's no wonder the biggest names in the ICT industry such as Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes, Ericsson, Fujitsu, GoogleIBM and Teledyne DALSA have set up operations here.


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Montréal and artificial intelligence

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Montréal is a world-renowned centre of expertise in artificial intelligence. The city is home to top researchers, incubators, young start-ups and industry giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Samsung.


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Software: A thriving industry

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What makes our software industry so unique is that inventive, up-and-coming SMBs share the playing field with long-established, globally recognized giants: proof positive that there’s plenty of room for everyone.


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Optics-photonics: Expertise and innovation

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For several decades, Québec has enjoyed an enviable reputation for its work in optics-photonics. Its talented workforce is known not only for advanced expertise, but also for a remarkable ability to innovate.


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Microelectronics: Embracing innovation

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Backed by a qualified workforce, Québec’s microelectronics industry is known for its outsourcing services, extensive network of universities and strong R&D sector. That’s why so many major players have decided to set up operations here.


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Telecommunications: Businesses and talent galore

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Spurred on by highly skilled workers with lots of good ideas to share, Québec’s telecommunications industry has the business environment it needs to prosper.


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Québec: The ideal place for your data centre

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With its cool climate and a geographic location that protects it from natural disasters, Québec is an ideal location for data centres. Companies can also count on abundant, reliable and affordable sources of energy.


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A qualified, multilingual workforce

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Every year, more than 4,000 students graduate in computer science, math, engineering and communications from Québec’s universities.


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Customized financial products

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As you set up your business in Québec, we will be with you every step of the way as your business takes root in Québec, providing guidance and financial products that meet your needs. We can also help you forge strategic partnerships with Québec businesses and undertake major projects here.


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