A favourable tax climate

Québec believes in its multimedia industry. The proof? Our government was the first—back in 1996—to offer generous multimedia tax credits. Designed to boost Québec production, the credits significantly reduce operating expenses and give businesses locating in Québec a definite edge.


Our experts are readily available and would be delighted to speak to you about our enticing refundable tax credits.

Production of multimedia titles


Illustration indicating “Up to 37.5% of labour costs”
  • This tax credit can cover up to 37.5% of labour costs.
  • You can receive credits for individual titles or a single credit for your overall activity.

Film production services

  • A tax credit covering 20% of your labour costs.
  • Depending on the type of film and the production language, the tax credit can be increased to as much as 36% of your labour costs.
  • Additional increases may apply for large-format films and expenses related to shooting scenes in front of a chromatic screen to create special effects and computer animation.

Financing of refundable tax credits

  • If your project qualifies for refundable tax credits under tax legislation, you could be eligible for a loan covering up to 100% of the total anticipated credit.
  • An ideal solution for enhancing your liquidity without having to wait for your refund.

Montréal: Significantly lower operating expenses

Comparison of Annual Operating Expenses








Los Angeles




Index: U.S.: 100
Source: KPMG 2016


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