Success stories

Mini Babybel Cheeses to Be Made in Québec

France-based Bel Group is building a Québec plant to produce Mini Babybel® cheeses for the entire Canadian market. Investissement Québec’s support helped make the group’s plans
a reality.


Bel Canada's logo, Mini Babybel cheese and text indicating « Du sourire à partager »


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Adetel Canada: Result of a successful partnership

Photo of transportation sector

After only 24 months of operation in Québec, Adetel Canada is experiencing very rapid growth. See how Investissement Québec has brought together major industry players.


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Barry Callebaut: Tons of chocolate produced daily in Québec

Photo of a cup and chocolate chips

Chocolate fans worldwide are talking about Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading producer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products. Find out how the company’s plant in Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, earned its enviable position in the group.


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C2MI : Québec brain power a boost to microelectronics

Photo of Technician in a C2MI research lab

C2MI is a unique research centre spurring innovation and commercialization. Founded by the Université de Sherbrooke and international companies IBM and Teledyne DALSA, C2MI builds on the creativity of companies in Québec.


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Medtronic CryoCath: State-of-the-art technology from Québec

Photo of a cryoballoon manufactured by Medtronic CryoCath

Medtronic CryoCath, a world leader in cryocatheters, operates a Montréal facility that is the only one in the world to manufacture the “cryoballoon,” a medical innovation developed in Québec to improve the lives of millions of people with heart conditions. Discover the unique partnership that the American giant has forged with Québec.


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Morgan Stanley Is Creating a Real Buzz in Montréal

Photo of Morgan Stanley employees

The city’s impressive pool of techie talent was a key motivator for Morgan Stanley’s Technology and Engineering Centre to make Montréal its home. Find out why the firm and the cosmopolitan city are attracting IT aficionados from all corners of the globe.


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Solotech: Where expertise and success are right in sync

Photo of the opening ceremony at the Sochi Olympics. Photo courtesy of Ralph Larmann

Solotech has grown out of pure passion for its craft over the past 35 years. Founded in 1977, it has become a leader in advanced technology integration for the entertainment industry at home and around the globe.


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A goldmine of creativity for Warner Bros. Games

Photo of an employee at the Warner Bros. Games offices in Montréal

Warner Bros. Games chose downtown Montréal as the home of its new multimedia creation studio because of the city’s talent, creativity and urban energy. Learn the secret of a company that found the perfect place to bring new video games to life!


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