Creativity serving industry

Talent, creativity and technological innovation abound in Québec. Thanks to this potent combination, Québec’s multimedia industry welcomes new players each year and tops the list of growth sectors such as virtual reality.

The best in digital entertainment

Photo of persons with virtual reality glasses

Felix & Paul Studios and Frima Studio are creating new virtual reality experiences and boosting Québec's multimedia industry along with big payers such as Activision, Autodesk, Behaviour, Gamerizon, Sarbakan, Square Enix, Ubisoft and Warner.


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The video game explosion

Image of a scene from the game Watch Dogs by Ubisoft, Courtesy of Ubisoft Montréal

Employment in the video game industry has been booming, with the number of jobs up tenfold since 2002! Today more than 11,000 people are putting their talent at work in Québec's video game industry.


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Major multimedia players

Image of a scene of Game of Thrones series, courtesy of HBO & Rodeo Fx

A number of studios in Montréal specialize in technical and post-production services: Autodesk, Cinesite, Digital Dimension, Framestore, Moving Picture Company, Rodeo FX and Vision globale are some notable examples.


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A skilled, creative workforce

Photo of employees at a multimedia studio Cinesite

Every year, almost 6,500 students trained in every aspect of the industry graduate with degrees in multimedia and related programs.


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A favourable tax climate

Illustration indicating “30% of labour costs”

Covering up to 37.5% of labour costs, Québec is one of the only places in the world to offer such generous tax credits for the multimedia industry.


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Customized financial products

Photo of business people shaking hands

As you set up your business in Québec, we will be at your side every step of the way, providing financial products geared to your needs. We can also help you develop strategic partnerships with other Québec companies and carry out major projects right here.


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