April 16, 2019

Martin Tremblay, président et chef de la direction


Martin Tremblay, President and Chief Executive Officer

1,500 employees


Spectacular development

Solotech’s story is a tale of passion that started in 1977. This leader in integrating leading-edge technology for the entertainment industry is a constant inspiration, nationally and internationally. This Québec company with unparalleled knowhow has contributed to the success of events, producers and celebrated artists such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Michael Bublé.

A bold model

Solotech is not only its 1,500 permanent employees but also its
state-of-the-art expertise in leasing and selling multimedia equipment and creating installations. “What’s unique about our business model is that, over the years, we’ve become experts in all audiovisual fields: sound, lighting and signage. By combining this solid expertise with the fact that we rent as much equipment as we sell worldwide, we’ve become a real turnkey solution for major clients who are looking for partners who will support them wherever they go,” explains Martin Tremblay, Solotech’s President and Chief Executive Officer.


Québec: Collaboration in action

Although passion, the quest for excellence and respect are key values governing the actions of all Solotech employees, it is the company’s sense of collaboration that distinguishes it from its global competitors. “Not only are we all working for Solotech, but our employees also work in synergy to help our clients thrive. Their success on stage depends on effective collaboration by our teams before, during and after their performance, and they know they can count on us to make things happen!” notes the president.

I think we have everything we need to become one of Québec’s big success stories. We definitely have the wind in our sails!
Martin Tremblay, President
and Chief Executive Officer

Dare big, aim high

For Martin Tremblay, what defines entrepreneurs is that they aren’t afraid to move forward. They have to dare big, aim high and pursue their ideas to their logical conclusion. But their actions must be based on solid foundations. The young president, who has held the position since June 5, 2017, formerly served as president at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Ubisoft. He has inherited extremely solid fundamentals that will undoubtedly be able to bring his most ambitious ideas to fruition.


Moreover, 2019 will see new momentum for the company, which has upgraded its brand image and concluded the biggest acquisition in its history by purchasing SSE Audio Group, the largest supplier of professional audio services in the UK, on November 27, 2018. Solotech, which will continue to invest internationally, is also working to develop its first e-commerce platform. “I think we have everything we need to become one of Québec’s big success stories. We definitely have the wind in our sails!” remarks Martin Tremblay.

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