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Investissement Québec’s Code of Ethics ensures that our entire team shares the same professionalism and strict standards. We give our clients the responsive, courteous service they deserve each and every day.


To learn more about the guidelines governing our client and partner relationships, see the following documents:


Code of ethics of employees of Investissement Québec and its subsidiaries

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The Code of Ethics applies to all staff members of Investissement Québec and its subsidiaries. It defines the rules of conduct the Corporation applies to protect its interests and those of its customers, suppliers and partners.


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Our commitment to clients

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In its Commitment to Clients, Investissement Québec expresses its determination to offer high-quality services and meet superior standards of conduct.


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Complaints and service quality

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Customer satisfaction is extremely important to Investissement Québec. Any comments, concerns or complaints regarding non-compliance with our service commitment will be handled promptly and courteously. (in French only) 

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Other policies and plan of action

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Investissement Québec has put in place various policies and plans of action in an effort to be a socially responsible organization.


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