Unparalleled Expertise

With more than a century’s experience in aluminum production and processing, Québec has developed unparalleled expertise. Over the years, an impressive network of research, development and training centres has developed, which has rallied university research groups, liaison centres, college centres for the transfer of technology, private and government laboratories and a workforce sectoral committee.


Québec’s expertise in aluminum is world renowned, in large part because of its impressive network of research centres, which also provides services to the benefit of customers and investors.

Key Research Centres

With their great vitality and creativity, research centres occupy a key place in Québec's aluminium sector. That’s why AluQuébec established a documentation, development and promotion centre for aluminium. The Centre d’expertise sur l’aluminium (CeAl) Open a new windowhas collated a list of partners, collaborators and research centres that all have aluminium production or processing expertise:



The CeAl has also established a very detailed expertise matrix Open a new window for the main research centres to help promote the specializations in Québec's offer, such as alloying, assembly, forming, moulding and surface treatments, just to name a few.


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