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A Major Player in Open-Source Software Comes to Québec - LINAGORA of France Announces the Opening of an Office in the Montréal Region

Paris, June 20, 2013 – Nicolas Marceau, Minister of Finance and the Economy, announced today that LINAGORA, a French company that develops open-source software, will set up an office in Montréal.


“Open-source software is gradually gaining ground as a reliable and cost-effective option for public agencies and Québec companies,” Marceau said. “The government recognizes its advantages, and that is why we recently announced the creation of the Centre d’expertise en logiciel libre, whose mandate is to support public agencies wanting to make the transition. Consequently, we welcome the arrival of LINAGORA, which will find fertile ground here for its expansion in North America.”


LINAGORA is one of Europe’s leading developers of open-source software. In recent years, the company has invested major sums in R&D to devise solutions for collaborative messaging, digital safes and identity management. The company’s solutions are used by many public agencies in France including its ministries of the economy and finance, the interior, culture, and defence, as well as the National Gendarmerie and many local communities. Its OBM collaborative messaging solution is installed on nearly 50% of workstations in French ministries.


This project should ultimately generate investments of about $10 million and create 55 jobs over three years. LINAGORA’s arrival in Québec is the direct result of efforts made by Investissement Québec over almost five years.


“Key factors in our decision were Québec’s policy of supporting innovation and businesses, proximity to the American market, and the quality of Investissement Québec’s assistance throughout this project,” said Alexandre Zapolsky, Founder and President of LINAGORA. “In addition, the Québec government’s interest in open-source software means the outlook is very promising for a company like ours.”

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