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January 18, 2017

ABB to Invest $90 million in Montréal

Swiss engineering firm ABB announced it will set up its North American Centre for Excellence in e-Mobility in Montréal, where it will develop energy-management solutions for electric buses and trains.


Photo of charging stations for electric vehicles


This initiative is part of a $90 million project to establish ABB’s new Canadian headquarters in Montréal in order to consolidate the company’s research and development, manufacturing, assembly and testing facilities under one roof.


"With its excellent universities and associated ecosystem, Canada and Québec provide all the right ingredients for research and development needed to develop global technology platforms. There are huge opportunities in making transportation systems smarter and greener. At ABB, we want to run the world without consuming the Earth", said Ulrich Spiesshofer, ABB’s President and CEO, at a press conference in Davos.


“ABB will undoubtedly help strengthen our expertise in electric mobility. In Québec, we have the good fortune to have some 40 companies operating in this niche and 60 more working to design technologies for intelligent transportation systems. That is the reason why the government of Québec has begun working to create a smart vehicle cluster in 2017,” said Québec Premier Philippe Couillard.