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November 27, 2013

Web and Mobile Applications: French Company Chooses Montréal to Launch Its International Operations

StarDust, a company specializing in the validation of web and mobile applications, has opted to launch its North American development strategy by opening an office in Montréal.

Pictures of tablets, telephones and computers


At a time when web and mobile technologies are developing at a dizzying pace, StarDust has become an industry leader through its ability to offer peripheral testing on all types of terminals, including telephones, tablets and computers. StarDust has enabled clients like BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole and Le Figaro to improve the user experience significantly whenever they launch a new digital service.


To meet the growing demand for intercontinental projects, StarDust has chosen Montréal as the site for its first office outside France. That choice was prompted by Québec's generous investment incentives and Montréal’s vital video game industry. The city boasts sound expertise in digital testing, and StarDust sees the opportunity to recruit experienced professionals.


Located in downtown Montréal, the new StarDust office expects to form partnerships quickly with hardware manufacturers and to run tests on 300 different configurations. The project should generate some 30 new jobs.


November 26, 2013